About me

I’m Lucas, aka Disktra, and I’m studying game developpment at Ludus Académie in Strasbourg.

I’ve discovered video games when I was around 11 years old or so and loved it a lot, to the point where I want now to create my own ones now ! Unreal and Godot are the tools I use the most to make games, even if I have a little preference for Godot 🤖

I’m working on a big project for my Master at this time, I’ll try to give some information as much as I can 😉

During my middle school I discovered Japan and it’s culture, especially with video games and musics. I’ve found some courses to learn Japanese so I can get a primary knowledge on by myself and I’m still learning it today.

This website is hosted by OVH, the theme used has been created by my own.

Have a nice day !