New year updates

Wow, what a pretty messed up year that was…

Corona sucks, we all know that. And this situation is still hard for everyone, including myself. But on a positive note, I got the opportunity to think about my actual situation and, most importantly, my mental health.

It was pretty hard for me to keep the focus on what I really want to do in the future and my projects. Some of them were either too hard or just not interesting enough for me to keep working on. And because of that, I felt guilty and stressed out for not doing any projects, even if I knew I could actually do it. There’s a lot of reasons I block myself, one of those is a lack of self-confidence and patience. I took the time to figure out what’s going on and how I could work on myself. It’ll take me time for doing changes in my life but there are not only necessary, there are possible and I know I can do it.

So, what next ? Well, I wanna work my English, both written and spoken. I know it is not perfect (I apologize for my mistakes, if there’s any) and I wanna get comfortable to communicate with overseas friends and, eventually, get a job outside France someday (if somehow this Corona shit ends lol). Same for Japanese, but there’s a much lot more work to do, especially with Kanjis.

Since September of 2020, I work again with both C++ and Java. They are nice languages and I would love to make some great projects with. I wish also to get a job in either of those to strenghen my knowledge. In another programming perspective, I would love to mess up with Rust and Assembly to make games and have fun. And of course get back into Godot Engine so I can make games too.

I still try go get myself into drawing again. The hardest part is to force me to stop thinking too much about it and doing it, even if it’s ugly or something.

Well, I think this is all. I don’t know if I forget something special or not, so I’ll stop here I guess. Take care of yourself, wear your mask (on the NOSE TOO @#% !!!) and Happy New Year :D