Monday evening I was thinking about how could I improve my programming skills and motivate myself to code more. There’s plenty of nice project I could work on but a lot are just too big for me by now. Then I’ve found something so much easy and obvious I completely missed: making a programming CookBook.

The goal of a CookBook is to set a list of small projects that covers many aspects of programming you wanna learn. It could be a generic program that calculates the hypotenuse in the language of your choice or even something more specific like ownership in Rust (I’ll talk about it later btw). It’s a great way to improve your skills by making something simpler enough to get motivated and also learning something new. You can even make some code snippets you can reuse in your next project (it’s a good idea to not repeat yourself).

I’ve started my own CookBook recently and I have to admit this is something I needed to REALLY get motivated to code more. By doing this I can show my skills to everyone and work on little pieces of code on any language I want to learn or improve.

You can find my CookBook just right here.

Last modified: 25 October 2019


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