Hello there !

This time, it’s for good. I’ve finally managed to launch my website. At last ! 😀

I recently got the energy to really threw my mind into it. There’s so much things to say x) I’m gonna do it each point at a time.

The website

As you can see, I’ve managed to take an existing theme and this one is really neat. I was so focused on the desire to do my very own one that I could figured out how long it will take to make a proper one. I think I made the right choice not to focus on this by now. So now, this is a brand new theme I got here !

The wiki has been put down for now. I need to plan modifications on it but I’m not sure when and how I’ll do it. But anyway I created a Shaarli account on MyFrama so I can share some links I found interesting.

My situation

I got my Master Degree !! Yeah, I’ve passed those 6 past month to work on a game design project, and I was really stressed out because of it. But the struggle was worth the wait and I’m proud of what I’ve made. Now I’m looking forward to make something different with it, just to have fun and experiment things. My goal isn’t to make a complete game (at least not now) but I plan to make it more appealing and fun to play.

My projects

One of the first change to my master project I made is the code name: Tomb of the Ancients. Why this name ? To be honest, I found it sounds good. Maybe it will be the final name for this project but we’ll see…

Pink Story is in “stand-by” for now, but I have a proper view of what I really want to make. When this project was born I didn’t a clear idea about what this game could be. Now I know more about it but I don’t plan to work on it those next months. Or maybe I will ?…

I’m planning to create a streaming session so I do some game development on live ! Some test streams were made by the past but I’ll do the next ones more frequently and also not only focused on game development. Sometimes I’ll stream some gameplay of games I didn’t played or just have some chill 😀

Well, I think it’s all… Some changes will occur on the website the next few weeks so don’t be surprised if some content is modified. I have some other stuff I wanna make but I’ll focus on my games first. Time to have fun and create games !

See ya 😉

Last modified: 25 October 2019


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