Recently, Valve revealed a new version for SteamPlay to provide support for games that aren’t compatible with Linux and SteamOS natively. One of the games compatibles with this version is DOOM (2016). Seeing one of the best games I played the last 5 years “coming” on Linux makes me really happy ! So I tried out if it was working ^^

Because SteamPlay is still in Beta, you’ll have to enable the Steam Beta Update in Settings -> Account. This will restart Steam and allows you to install DOOM if you have it in your library. After launching the download you can go on updating your GPU’s drivers while waiting the +60GB to be downloaded. And then you can play !

To be honest, I reinstalled Ubuntu Budgie on my desktop just to see if DOOM could run properly :p The first time I launched it, I had some freezes in the menus but hopefully only for a moment. I set all my graphics settings at the lowest because I was a bit afraid of my GPU’s capacities. But I didn’t wait for nothing 🙂

I can properly run it at 60 fps in Windowed mode. This is usually the way I play on PC. I didn’t test it on FullScreen with the highest settings but still, it’s working very well ! This is a huge victory for the gaming community on Linux and I hope more games will come soon 🙂

But to my mind, I prefer to see games that are developed for both Windows AND Linux (and MacOS but I don’t consider Macintosh to be a nice gaming platform, sorry).

Do you play DOOM too ? 😀

Last modified: 25 October 2019


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