Last Saturday I went to a garage sale in Ennery (in Moselle) in the morning. I really love to look out for some old gaming and computers stuff, but something drawn my attention on a small stand. It was a book with DOOM written on it. When I saw this could could allow me to create my owns WAD for the old DOOM, DOOM II and Heretic, I didn’t hesitate much more. This book makes me happy for the day !

Tricks of the DOOM Programming gurus (DOOM: Le bazar de l’épouvante in the FR version) is a book for programmers wanting to create there own games based on DOOM. It’s shipped with a CD-ROM containing softwares to modify assets, a big lot of levels and some level editors. This book went out in 1995 (the year I was born) so at this time Windows wasn’t such popular than today. In fact all the softwares included in the CD-ROM works for MS-DOS but I think it could work on Windows (or maybe FreeDOS).

The first pages introduces you DOOM as a game, how to make it working on your computer and explain how the DOOM engine works. They also explain some tips and tricks to know when creating a level. Next they teach you how to create a level and put monsters, modify sounds and sprites and even how and were to publish it on the internet ! Because it’s an old book, some resources may be dead by the time :p

I’m very happy to find out this book because as a big fan of DOOM it’s a really beautiful collection piece. Maybe I’ll write more about it when I get more free time :p

Last modified: 25 October 2019


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