Long ago, I had an idea. The idea to create my own website to talk about video games and show my works. But there was a problem… A little big one. The theme wasn’t designed to be responsive. In other words, the website cannot be displayed on Tablet and Smartphone. I know that many visitors are browsing the Internet on their Smartphones or Tablet and I may lose a lot of visibility if many visitors cannot read my blog properly. So I’ve updated my theme now !

Responsive design is now working properly, but some changes may be operated in the next days. I’ll keep you informed of this when something is changed. And by the way I picked some design ideas from others blog to create this brand new one ^^ I feel much more comfortable with this one 😉

I wish to have less more stress about my Master though…

See you next time for another adventures !


Edit: You can go check my Instgram now 😉

Last modified: 25 October 2019


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