I’ll make a game during a whole week-end !

April 20th is the beginning of the 41th Ludum Dare competition. A period when every challenger have to make a game in 72h non-stop. And I’ve made the decision to participate for the very first time ! 😉

But wait… What is the Ludum Dare ?

As is said before, it’s a game development competition where every challenger have to create a game in 72h based on a random theme. The code and assets can be created during the jam but we can also use any base code we have and free assets (if the license allow it). 72h is quite short to make a complete game, from design to playable prototype, but also a great exercise and a great occasion to meet other developers who can help and share what they know ^^

It’s not the first Game Jam I be a part of, but if I want to become a better game developer it’s a excellent occasion to improve my skills. For the moment I’ll be alone to create but maybe somebody will accept to team up with me. Wait and see 😉

You can get more info about the competition on the official web site. The theme will be revealed at the start.

I wish I’ll make something nice !