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Tomb of the Ancients

On This Page
This is a WIP project.

The project I actually work on. Previously a game design project for my Master Degree. The goal was to create a game based on the TV show on our choice. This is what I came with.

The goal it to escape from an island by retrieving computer parts to send a message for escape. But the island I fullfilled of mysetries and you gonna face a lot of creatures and treasures

I wanted to focus on exploration and discovery of new creatures. For this, I got my inspiration in Jurassic Park for SNES. The game features a top-down exploration of the environment seeking for creatures to sketch and a first person view in dark dungeons. But there’s a little add-on to this: a procedural generation. The top down map, creatures placement and the dungeons are generated procedurally depending on how the main path is traced and chunks are placed. This method works the same way for both the top-down and the first person view.

Now I’m looking for giving this project more content and some modifications in gameplay. And the first modifications are the name, the content and the main goal.