Disktra's Week - 1

First entry of a weekly based news series.

I got some interviews 2 weeks ago. I feel a bit stressed out because I’m looking for something I wanted to do for the beginning. But anyway, wait and see as they always say :p

Also, I’ve been into C++ for some time because I wanna get almost at the same level I am already in Java. I still have a lot to learn in both Java and C++ though. But I’m on my way. My biggest struggle for now is to find a nice project to work on so I can properly train those skills.

On a more gamedev related topic, I’ve enrolled in the Godot Wild Jam #30, but due to the situation I don’t know if I could make it. My job hunt is what concerns me the most in the meantime, so I’ll try at least to produce something in the end (I’m absolutely not sure though).

I wish I could write this kind of article on a regular basis, like in the week-end. It’s monday. Well, too bad I guess :D