New website, new start...

As the title says. Yeah, this was necessary. And now it’s ready.

I’ve been thinking of a lot of things during the past months. Especially the need to get back into video games making. And also being more active on the internet.

What happened ?

To be simple, I wanted to practice more programming and game design lately. It’s been 2 years I ended my studies and I didn’t practiced that much gamedev stuff, not even for personnal project.

And then I thought about my Master Degree’s project. I’ve spent a lot of time on it during my first mission and this was the first time I’ve managed to create a game based on an idea to “modernize” an existing one. The idea was simple: make a game based on Jurassic Park for the SNES with Procedural Generation. The game wasn’t even complete (he didn’t have any end), but I’m proud enough to say that I made it possible.

And then, I’ve turned the page and didn’t get back into it again. Until now.

What about the website ?

Haha… We can consider this one more of an brand new one rather than a complete redesign. Because this one uses Jekyll instead of WordPress. It’s not a CMS but it’s simple to use and widely enough for what I’m looking for.

An now ?

I actually work on Tomb of the Ancients, a remix of my Master Degree’s project. The code and gameplay is gonna change a lot from the original. I’ll try to post as regulary as possible some news about it.

Also I get back into C++ and Java programming so I can make some pretty fun stuff with it. There’s some other programming languages I wanna learn (again or for the first time) but I’ll focus on C++ and Java for now.

I still miss a lot Japanese learning, but I have to take some time to figure out what I miss the much (it’s obvious that Kanji’s are part of it btw).

Still, there’s quite some stuff to finish before this website get completed, but I’ll do my best to make stuff I like and to show it ASAP.

Anyway, get back to work !